MEDPNC appointed Mr. Ron Mayron as Chairman of the Company.

MEDPNC Proudly Announces that Ron Mayron has been Appointed as Chairman of the Company.

Mr. Mayron is a global health expert, who has served on the boards of many global pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, both public and private. His previous extensive experience includes a number of prominent positions, including CEO of Teva Israel and Vice President of Teva Israel and Africa and as CEO of SLE Solutions. His healthcare expertise includes mergers and acquisitions, integration and implementation, global business development, global operations and supply chain management.

Dr. Gil Pogozelich, Co-Founder of MEDPNC and Chairman of the Goldman Group: “We welcome Mr. Mayron as the Chairman of MEDPNC. Ron’s in-depth knowledge in the management and logistics of commercial pharmaceutical products at Teva, as well as his rich experience on the boards of more than ten private and public companies in the healthcare field, will make a significant contribution to the progress of the company.”

MEDPNC is developing a diagnostic test to aid physicians in choosing the optimal personalized drug combination treatment for patients suffering from cancer that will greatly improve treatment efficacy.

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