MEDPNC Has Been Selected as a “One to Watch” Company in This Year’s Spinoff Prize

MEDPNC has been selected as one of the 32 “one to watch” companies in this year’s prestigious Spinoff Prize, which is organized by Nature Research and Merck, Germany.

The prize aims to provide worldwide visibility and support for academic entrepreneurs and their companies.
“We are very proud and appreciative that the quality and value of our research and abilities to realize its potential to make a significant improvement in the lives of cancer patients has been recognized by an independent panel of experts. Credit is due to Dr. Nataly Kravchenko-Balasha and her team, who devised the technology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is MEDPNC’s chief scientist.”, said Dr. Gil Pogozelich, Chairman of MEDPNC.
The company specializes in studying personalized treatments for cancer by analyzing the patient-specific protein network structures and has developed a groundbreaking method that proposes the optimal drug combination for each individual patient and predicts the efficacy of the treatment. Based on its research, MEDPNC has developed a purpose-built treatment strategy algorithm using an information-theoretic approach. This development simplifies the detection of unbalanced protein networks in the patient and creates a personalized “barcode” that can predict the efficacy of various treatment options as well as recommending the optimal combination, thus increasing life expectancy.

Read more about the prize and the winners on Nature

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